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admin: oui ca marche

devdesign31: ok

devdesign31: ok

devdesign31: alors c'est ok ?

User17: test

User17: why-thank-you

User29: beautiful place!

User29: No Internet

User82: Google search

User110: Salut

User118: A Diego et Majunga, la mer est sale

User126: hi

User126: This is Dino

User126: I am looking for a furnished house at least with 4 rooms

User126: in Majhajunga

User140: hello

User140: hi

User140: hello

User145: hello

User190: hi

User190: what's news

User219: hello

User223: Good day! I have some questions for teh way I can buy property in Madagaskar

User223: who can i ask

User298: hi

User314: hi

User363: Hi

User363: I'm looking for a very nice luxury villa at least 5-6 bedrooms

User363: to rent

User363: on the north side of the island

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