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User417: all mens 39 up hi my name is miss brenda please reply to my private email I can not speak here again there are so many scammers here please reply to my email now for more details here is my email (

User460: ؟؟

User460: oi

User480: hi

User480: some one is here

User483: good morning

User483: I am enquiring about property for sale

User484: hi

User491: hello

User491: do you rent out properties in Toliara?

User493: hi

User518: i am looking for a two bedroom apartment/house in Fianarantsoa

User593: what is the currency of the advertisement is it Malaga ariae

User596: Hi

User597: hi

User597: how are you

User597: i have money

User597: 1

User598: Hi

User697: good afternoon, i am looking at buying a beach front property on st marie, can you help

User805: Hi! Anyone there ?

User831: Привет

User836: Hello, what are the rules about buying property and getting residency in Madagascar?

User856: Anyone online?

User896: Hello, who is the author/creator of this website?

User925: Hi, I am looking for beachside land at the best part of Madagascar.

User925: is anyone there?

User1017: interested in ref V332 ground. Want more pictures and want to know legal process of buying the property.

User1072: Hello

User1091: hi

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