Sexual tourism Madagascar

Sexual tourism Madagascar

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Sexual tourism Madagascar

Sexual tourism Madagascar

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Each year, Madagascar attracts thousands of tourists who are interested by the beautiful beaches, the sun and prices who defy any competition compared to other destinations. But sex tourism is in constant increase because of the poverty which touches people more and more. Sex tourism have several facets and one of the worst is the paedophilia. In certain European countries, they used to say that the Malagasy are easy women and the fact that it is true partly. It is perhaps due to the legendary hospitality of the Malagasy, fascination for the foreigner or also the hope of a better life if the foreigner is ready to go further than simple buddies of vacancies.

The provinces are the most affected by sex tourism in Madagascar because of prostitution which affects the majority of the population. Because of the economic crisis, 70% of the   Nosy-Be women are devoted to this activity and half is minors. We can say the same thing for the Sainte-Marie island which with Nosy-Be are the principal destinations of the tourists in Madagascar.

There is also the lack of will of the authorities to fight this plague because of corruption and the fact is that means lack in the currencies income. Among the main towns which are affected by sex tourism, we have :

  • Sainte-Marie
  • Nosy-Be
  • Majunga
  • Diego-Suarez

In 2008, Majunga was the theatre of many acts of paedophilias and these people acted openly and pubicly. The paedophilia is severely fought in Europe and the predators immigrate towards greener pastures. The first destination is Mozambique which became a hub of the paedophilia, but we attend an exodus towards Madagascar because of the total absence of control. The paedophiles are not identified at the time of their entry to the territory and even if it were the case, a few hundred euros is enough to close the eyes of the controllers.

Even in Tananarive, you can find old men of 60 years old who walk quietly with girls who are not 15. And when we ask them, it is obviously their niece (the Vazaha have many nieces in Madagascar).

Poverty, always poverty

We can blame the foreigners for their behavior, but we cannot deny the responsibility of the family. An extreme poverty results in using extreme ways to survive and Malagasy young women are encouraged to allure the foreigner filled of beautiful euros.

It happens that only one person is accompanied by several young women and the worst is that everyone finds that normal. There are some critical look, but life is well too difficult to deal with others’ problems. But the currencies income which we mentioned does not justify absolutely such practices, because the first thing is that these foreigners integrate themselves in the country and they obtain the citizenship fraudulently, because there is no other country where they could be also free.

It also happens that the foreigners make empty promises and the disillusions are currency. The problem becomes more serious when there are children who are born from this kind of relation and that the Malagasy woman finds herself without anything overnight. There exist many means of fighting sex tourism, but the main thing is an awareness of the Malagasy. They have to denounce things which they see in the street, because isn’t it the characteristic of the legendary solidarity of this society? How can we accept that such abominable acts are perpetrated and there was nothing that could be done?

Madagascar is filled with tourist wonders and there are only the embarrassment of the choice in front of the diversity of fauna and flora, the beauty of the beaches and an ocean as pure as the crystal, but perhaps we should classify the Malagasy young women among these tourist attractions in sight of general apathy vis-a-vis this plague.

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