Renting management mandate

Renting management mandate.

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Renting management mandate.

Mandat de gestion locative De l’agence Immobilière Diana.
Renting management mandate.

To understand the proxy of management.

Through a proxy of management, you give to a professional, Diana real estate agency, the power to manage all, or partially your real heritage. Work out in the form of a written contract, it must be signed by the two parts and written in two specimens.

It resumes various information like :

Identity of the parts.
The situation and designation of the property

Management’s objectives and missions.
Commitments of the principal.
The calculation’s amount of the agent’s remuneration.
Term of the proxy…

Utility of the management’s proxy.

Single interlocutor between you and the tenant, the agent manages the whole constraints related to the hiring. He answers indeed to the ensemble of the technical, legal obligations attached to the leasing agreement.

Term of the management’s proxy.

A proxy of management is authorized for a limited duration but cannot however not exceed 30 years. A clause of annual tacit extension can be laid down.
To denounce the contract, it is enough for you to respect the length of notice envisaged by contract (3 months in general) and to address your denunciation by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.

Commitments of the principal and the agent.

The agent commits himself to achieve the entrusted mission and giving you an explanation.
On your side, you are held, for the good application of the proxy, to agree to rent the entrusted property at market prices. You must also recognize that the subscribed insurances will not be able to play out if you refuse the hiring of the property at market prices.

The remuneration of the agent.

The AGENT perceives the remuneration agreed by mutual agreement, settled and accepted to a % of the sums or values whose perception results from the administration of the property.

Proxy of rental management: transfer of power.

This is a standard example of letter to carry out a request for transfer of power within the framework of a rental management proxy.


I undersigned, <NAME First name of the owner>, living <Address>,

Give, by the present ones, power to <NAME First name of the person endorsing the powers>, living <Address>, to represent me in the management and the administration of the following properties of which I am owner.

<The properties’ details>

<NAME First name of the person endorsing the powers> will be especially able to intervene directly, on my behalf, with the tenants, administrators of properties and syndics to fix and evolve the clauses of the leases and to ensure their good application.

Done in <City>, the <Date>.

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