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Do you wish to rent a property and to entrust its management to the Diana Diego-Suarez and Mahajanga agencies?
This file will bring you information and recommendation on rental management.
Rental management appeals about half or less. Why does this solution appeal so many people?
Why choose rental management?
Rental management often answers a choice of peace and facility.
Managing repairs of your apartment with your tenant takes you too much time.
You tend to forget the date of the revision for your rent.
You wish to delegate the countable tasks to a specialist.
Rental management can in particular interest the owners who are geographically far away from rented housing.
It is appropriate particularly at the time of the purchase of vacancies’ property which is rented on short periods with a high rotation.

Rental management is a service relating in particular to the competence of the real estate agencies or the syndics.

It can be defined as the whole activities which aim at optimizing the return of investment of a real heritage.

The cost
A commission for rental management will cost you approximately 10% of the annual amount of the rent(with loads).
To exert these prerogatives, the professional must obligatorily hold a  proxy of the owner duly filled and signed.
Elements of definition
The proxy of rental management is an act by which the owner of a property (the principal) gives to another person (the agent, which can be a real estate agent or an administrator of properties) the power to achieve on his behalf several acts related to the hiring or the management of a property.

The proxy must obligatorily include:
Identities of the two parts and professional guarantees of the agent;
The designation of the property or properties concerned by the proxy;
The amount of fees and the prospective additional expenses;
The detail of the missions of the agent and all the acts that the principal authorizes him;
The term in office and conditions of renewal.

Money order
Here, as an indication, the various services which we can find in a proxy of rental management.

The current management of the heritage:
Research of the tenants, writing the lease agreements, realization of the technical diagnoses and the follow-up, inventories of fixtures and coordination of repairs necessary (recommended at the time of and the inventory of fixtures for example) and/or urgent (water damage, generator…) …

The countable management of the heritage :
Emission of the notices to pay, collection the rents, monthly transfers of the rents, establishment of reports of management, the calls of accommodation charge’s regulation, the ordered works, the land taxes, annual review of the rents, annual regularization of the loads…

The legal and contentious follow-up:
Revivals of payment near the tenants, constitution and the follow-up to the files of unpaid ones, exercise the continuations and/or necessary legal forces …

The legal and contentious follow-up:
Payment’s revival with the tenants, constitution and followed by the files the unpaid ones, exercise of the continuations and/or legal constraints necessary…

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