Purchase property following checks

Purchase property following checks

By Property-Madagascar.

Purchase property following checks

Purchase property following checks

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Purchase property following checks. The purchase of land ownership is an act which must be maturely considered. In Madagascar, it is an approach which requires also an extreme vigilance. Before launching out in the purchase of a real property  on the Big Island, it is particularly necessary to check the availability of the property, to inquire true owner, delimitations of the property (demarcation) and constructibility of the site. For the plots being the object of an earthwork, the acquisition of a compliance certificate is also a precaution to be taken.
To get informed near the administrative authorities and about the various structures related to the land field is the best attitude to adopt to make sure of the availability of a ground in Madagascar. The signature of the act of sale in the presence of an administrative officer or a notary is also a more secure measurement .

Some references where to obtain adequate informations

The chief of Fokontany is undoubtedly the first person near whom we can get information about the owner of a real property. Informations which he holds in these registers at least enables to make sure that we do not deal with eventual intermediaries.
To inform himself near the Service of the Fields also allows to inquire the legal situation of the conceded ground. The purchasing procedures are indeed different for the land ownership belonging to the individuals and the real properties of the State.
To be well fixed on the demarcations of a parcel put on sale, a detour by the Topographic Service is appropriated. If the real property in question is immatriculated or registered with the land registry, the topographic plan specifies its delimitations and avoids any form of litigation with the vicinity.
At the town hall, the consultation of the General Plan of Installation allows to determine whether the property is constructible or if an earthwork is necessary.
At the time of signing a project or a sale contract, the presence of a representative of the State – administrative officer or notary – is recommended.

Essential points to check

Once the owner of the conceded real property was identified, it is imperative to inquire exact number of owners. Indeed, in case of an heritage, it is not rare that the real property is recorded under the name of various entitled.

To check that the conceded plot is well titrated and limited to facilitate the transfer and to avoid the eventual litigations related to the demarcation.

To be taken into account by the administrative authorities, the act of property must be authentic. While being informed near the Land Department, it is possible to check the authenticity of this document.

The demarcation of the property put on sale must imperatively be checked before any purchase. Frequently at the origin of litigation with the vicinity, the delimitation of a plot is defined by the topographic plan to consult near the Topographic District. Otherwise, the use of the service of a sworn surveyor is also a solution of choice.

For the people who wish to buy a plot of ground to build there a house or a commercial or an industrial exploitation, it is imperative to get information if the site is localised in a constructible zone. For the properties being the object of an earthwork, it is advised to appeal the expertise of professional to make sure that the earthwork is stable. A compliance certificate can moreover be required to the owner.

The conveniences of a land owneship are also a criterion not to be neglected. The accessibility of a ground and the access to electricity and drinking water are points of major interests. The rights of way are also a parameter to be taken into account.

In certain cases, the vicinity is a considerable selection criterion. The existence of industrial infrastructures, a farming or a discharge near a real property put on sale can sometimes incommode the purchasers. For pieces of developped land, the joint ownership can also generate certain constraints.

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