Property management agent

Property management agent.

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Property management agent.

Property management agent.

Contributes regularly to the good performance of the building:

  • On a daily basis, he takes care of the maintenance of the common parts, the good performance of the building’s common equipment. He manages the paid staff of the trade union (guard, employee of building…) or providers charged to intervene;
    •    He establishes the work programs, negotiates, concludes and follows the contracts subscribed on the trade union’s behalf;
    •    He holds the accounting of the association of property co-owners, regulates the suppliers, works out and puts the budgets to the co-owners’ vote , calls the funds and recovers the loads;
    •    He gathers the General Assembly, generally ensures the secretariat and diffuses the statement of the General Assembly to the co-owners;
    •    He ensures the administrative and technical management of the disasters and procedures affecting the common parts.

The management agent applies and enforces the regulation of the joint ownership and acts the part of advisor with the owners, especially by explaining them the consequences of the decisions taken at during common or extraordinary general meetings.

For details

El agente de la gestión aplica y hace cumplir la regulación de la propiedad común y actúa la parte del consejero con los dueños, especialmente explicándolos las consecuencias de las decisiones tomadas en durante las reuniones generales comunes o extraordinarias.

Para los detalles

Lagente della gestione applica ed applica il regolamento della proprietà congiunta ed agisce la parte del consulente con i proprietari, particolarmente spiegandoli le conseguenze delle decisioni prese nel corso delle assemblee generali comuni o straordinarie.

Per i dettagli

Das Managementmittel wendet an und erzwingt die Regelung des gemeinsamen Besitzes und verfährt das Teil des Beraters mit den Inhabern, besonders nach dem Erklären sie die Konsequenzen der Entscheidungen, die während bei den allgemeinen oder außerordentlichen Generalversammlungen getroffen werden.

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