Property administrator

Property administrator.

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Property administrator.


Property administrator.

From hiring to renovation works, the properties’ administrator, specialist in the real-estate law, manages residences, offices or the commercial premises, on behalf of individuals or companies. He can also involves in co-ownerships as a syndic.

Rental management.

Authorised by an owner, the administrator of properties manages the real properties’ hiring. His customers are especially individuals who invest in the stone or companies who rent buildings or offices’ surfaces. Among his main missions, he organizes the site tours in order to find the ideal tenant. It is him who establishes the lease and who takes care of the inventory of fixtures. Manager above all, he makes sure that the future occupant presents sufficient financial guarantees. The administrator of properties collects the rents before transferring them to the owners. He distributes the payment of the loads between the two parts.

Real management.

On daily basis, he ensures the current management of the property of which he has function. For example, payment of the invoices (insurances, maintenance…) and of the taxes, maintenance and maintenance of the properties (from cleaning to renovation works). It is him who chooses the companies charged to complete works or the weekly maintenance of the places. Elected syndic of condominium, he manages the common parts of a residence.

Regulation of litigations.

Lastly, the administrator of properties can regulate litigations by amicable agreement, to even engage legal proceedings, in the event of non-payment of the loads by a co-owner for example, or when a property is degraded.

At ease with the right and the techniques of the building.

To manage rents, to launch invitations to tender to complete works, to advise customers or to inform them the new laws in force in the real estate: All that called on legal and technical knowledge. Other useful competences: taste of the figures and the rigor in countable management.

Position of mediator.

Availability, interpersonal skill and diplomacy are assets to occupy this position of intermediary between owners and tenants. Lack of heat, request for receipt or various claims … The administrator of properties must give answers to all the questions as soon as possible.

Information and advice.

Connoisseur of the property market and the legal texts, he informs his customers and the tenants their obligations, and takes care to enforce them. Attentive to the real heritage’s value, he advises his customers in case of works (to restore a stairwell, an apartment, to cut down partitions…) to develop their properties.


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