Newcomers Real Estate favours

Newcomers Real Estate favours.

By Property-Madagascar.

Newcomers Real Estate favours.


A service for new arrivals in Diego Suarez and Majunga.

Days of Orientation.

  • Briefing on the environment and the context of the country and city.
  • Guided tour of the city and the interests’ points (districts, trade, markets…)

Search for residences.

  • Needs’ comprehension (preparatory maintenance)
  • Research, visits and preselection
  • Visits properties preselected with the clients
  • Contractualization’s support (lease, legalization,…)

First step assistanceSettling In.

  • Bank Choice +opening of bank account steps
  • Phone /Internet operator+installation selection
  • Opening power and water bill formalities
  • Habitation insurance souscription
  • Medevac

Short-term residences solutions.

  • Proposition and establishment of custom solutions to manage short-term mobility.
  • Management of collaborators’ turnings.

Immigration – Administrative formalities.

The advice on the immigration policy.

  • Advice on the procedures of professional immigration in Madagascar.

Analysis of the situations and recommendations on the solutions adapted on a case-by-case basis.

Procedures of obtaining the Work permits.

  • The management of the legal formalities near the concerned services.
  • Follow-up to the annual renewals.

Steps for the Resident’s card.

  • Preparation of the files for the legal formalities near the Service of immigration.
  • Follow-up to the annual renewals.

Assistance on departure from Madagascar.

  • Certificate of residence change.
  • The contrats termination.
  • Coordination of themove.

Exchange of the driving licences.

“The plus” of Diana and Majunga Agencies.

Relevance and effectiveness.

An exhaustive knowledge of the networks and local service providers, selected partners,…

Quality of service.

An assistance on a daily basis. A systematic commitment on completion dates.

Personalized handling.

A listening and a specific comprehension of waitings of each customer..

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