Malagasy gastronomy

Malagasy gastronomy.

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Malagasy gastronomy.

The malagasy gastronomy.

In cooking level, it is an Asian base with Indian, Arab and African influences. The bases of food are rice, the bananas, the coconut, the seafood, the fishes, the zebu and the tomato. For example there is the misao, a Chinese dish (my-sao or mine-sao), recipe containing noodles, mushrooms sliced thinly, whole king prawns, grazes sliced thinly, sliced thinly carrots, thinly sliced beans and soy sauce. If not, there exist other typical dishes, such the sambossas ( Indian fritters in triangular form), chinese prawns, the rogay, fritters of bananas, chicken curry and coconut, the ravitoto, sheet of crushed cassava, the sakaï (a very strong pepper), etc. There exist many restaurants, the simplest kitchen (European, Malagasy, Chinese, Indian) to the most elaborated. The products offered are of quality; we can quote the dashes of zebu, the crabs of magrove, the langouses and the enormous prawns of Majunga and the camarons of fresh water without forgetting the tasty small.

oysters of mangrove. The Malagasy kitchen is simple but tasty: the three daily meals are composed of a plate of rice accompanied by aromatic herbs and sheets cooked with water or by meat and boiled vegetables. The two large “classics” being the romazava, ox with the ginger simmered with brèdes mafana (vegetables) and tomatos, and the ravitoto, ragout of pig with crushed sheets of cassava. On the coasts, the preference often goes to fishes and shellfish. Spices and coconuts enter most preparations, achards (lasàry) or chili paste (sakay) being served separately. The Malagasy people like to cook and rice is the Malagasy base of food. The two national dishes are the ravitoto (mixture of net of beef, of mashed cassava sheet and coconut milk) and Romazava.

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