Madagascar visas

Madagascar visas

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Madagascar visas

Madagascar visas

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Madagascar visas. In order to promote tourism in Madagascar, the government set up certain measurements to facilitate the formalities. However, the visitor’s visas for any foreigner wishing to come to Madagascar is obligatory. The period can go 30 days up to 5 years and more. The tourists in Madagascar can do the necessary formalities directly near their consulate or embassy and they also can obtain a visa for Madagascar at the airport of Ivato. We recommend the first solution, because the rates of the visas for Madagascar frequently change. A visa near the embassy will enable you to cope for all eventualities. Starting from May 2009, the Malagasy government decided to promote tourism in Madagascar with a free visa for the stays which do not exceed 30 days. However, this information is to be taken with precaution, because the agents of the airport can require a residence permit. It is better to be informed near its consulate. In addition, the 30 days period does not necessarily mean 1 month and the airport agents can estimate that your stay exceeded the 30 days and thus, they will require the payment of the visa for Madagascar on 3 months duration or worse, they can initiate a procedure of expulsion. In fact, the free access of the visa for Madagascar for one month is a false solution, in particular for the tourists who will practise the green tourism or as a recluse. We can take the example of this tourist who had profited from this free visa, he went to the south of Fort-Dauphin (a very isolated zone) and he found himself because of a cut of road and its stay expired and he found himself in a real mess. Obviously, if you use organized trips then where the date of return is well envisaged, the free visa can prove to be a good solution.

The fares of the visas of stay for Madagascar

  • A visa of stay for less than 30 days:Free
  • A visa of stay for less than 180 days (3 months): 140,000 Ar (according in the currency, that goes from 55 to 70 euros)
  • A visa of stay going 3 months up to 5 years (ideal for the temporary missions): 150,000 Ar (the same fork as the preceding one)
  • a visa of stay going from 3 to 5 years: 200,000 Ar (from 80 to 90 euros)

Documents required for a visa for Madagascar

  • A passport whose validity date is 6 months after the starting date fromMadagascar
  • A copy of your return airfare ur2
  • 2 photos ID (4.5 centimetres by 3.5 centimetres)


Madagascar visas. If you are student registered in a Malagasy school or a missionary of any confession, you will be able to profit from the half-fare. Attention, these rates are valid for a visa of stay for Madagascar and not for the resident’s card (in this last case, inform yourself at the minister of the Interior of Madagascar). Tourism in Madagascar also proposes what is called the convertible visa which is especially intended for the investors or the people who come to Madagascar for the first time, but which are not certain if they will prolong this stay. The rate for the convertible visa for Madagascar is of 105 euros and we must carry out it in the month of the entry in the Malagasy territory.

Useful links for the visa for Madagascar
You can take the steps yourself or use an intermediary which will do it for you. One of the most effective was Visas Actions , but it does not treat any more Madagascar, because the applicant of the visa for Madagascar must be present during the formalities.

Home Visas also makes it possible to obtain a visa for Madagascar. The service costs from 26 to 60 euros. The first fare is for the normal deadline and the second for the Fast deadline. This service is to be added at the cost of visas.

We also have Visas Express which proposes to be used as intermediary. But we specify that these intermediaries are absolutely not necessary. If you have the adequate documents, obtaining a visa at the airport or with the consulate will not pose any problem. And finally, you can obtain all the information necessary on the site: also makes an inventory of the consulates of many countries and cities (Réunion, Normandy, Bordeaux, Amiens, Marseilles, etc).

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