Madagascar Transport

Madagascar Transport.

By Property-Madagascar.

Madagascar Transport.

Madagascar Transport.

By Diana and Mahajanga real estate agencies.

The road network state.

Apart from the main roads (Antananarivo / Tamatave; Tananarive / Mahajanga / Diego Suarez ; Antananarivo / Fianarantsoa / Toliary), road condition is very random. On the slopes, a vehicle can be seriously damaged by ruts. The greatest vigilance is recommended in rainy weather and at night. The behavior of taxis must be the subject of special attention. Maintain a reasonable speed allow to not be surprised by hazardous obstacles (out of order truck, herd, slow car …) and the tire failure (high risk).

In the North East province, the road network has deteriorated and sometimes impassable during the rainy season (December / April) which may cause occasional interruptions to fuel supplies.

In case of serious accident, go as fast in the police station or the nearest police station.

Modes of transport locally recommended.

The rail network is very run down and not operational.

Ferries and river and maritime boats used in Madagascar are often dilapidated and deprived of any safety equipment. Recreational boating is strongly discouraged the night, in the absence of radio communications.

Air transport is made under satisfactory conditions and service fleet (Air Madagascar) is reliable. Weekly flights to Paris are provided by Air France (five), Corsair (two) and Air Madagascar (four). Madagascar’s national airline also serves most provincial cities, as well as Mauritius and Reunion, both destinations are also served by Air Mauritius and Air Austral.

Public transport services (including bush taxis) are unreliable, vehicles are often poorly maintained.

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