Madagascar religion

Madagascar religion

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Madagascar religion

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The religion

practise the famadihana, worship of the ancestors consisting in changing the shroud of deceased, cApproximately 41% of Malagasy people are Christians (including 26% of catholics and 23% of Protestants). We count 51% animists (traditional beliefs) wholeaning their bones, and calling their participation in a festival and a banquet. Rest 7% of Muslims and 0,3% of Buddhists or taoists. The Protestant religion dominates the Highlands whereas the Catholic religion reigns in the coastal regions. This schematization seems simplistic, but it is the product of the establishment of various French and English missionaries in various areas of Madagascar. In certain important cities like Antananarivo and Fianarantsoa, the two religions cohabit perfectly and the landscape is punctuated of churches bells bordering those of the temples.

Practice of the one of these two religions doesn’t prevent the Malagasy respecting the worship of the Ancestors and from accepting the predictions of the soothsayers and other wizards of their city or village.

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