Madagascar New expatriate information

Madagascar New expatriate information.

By Property-Madagascar.

Madagascar New expatriate information.



Migration in Madagascar.

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All you need to know to move in Madagascar, under the best conditions.

Madagascar is an Africa country which is in the Western part of the Indian Ocean, its capital is Antananarivo. Madagascar is the fifth island of the world by area and it is surrounded by other islands and archipelagoes of which Mauritius island, the Seychelles, the Comoros and Reunion.
A removal in Madagascar requires a good preparation. This migration can be facilitated and organized in full detail with the assistance of a professional. Envisage it at least 3 month in advance.

Preliminary approaches to move in Madagascar.

To settle in Madagascar, it is necessary to make a visa application and first being in possession of a passport which will be still valid six months after the stay in the country.
For staying more than three months, c preferably opted for Immigrant visa (one month) convertible into long stay (from three months to more than 5 years).
It is delivered by the diplomatic representations or Malagasy consular .

From the health standpoint, vaccination against Hepatitis A is strongly recommended. The vaccines against the diphtheria, the tetanus and the poliomyelitis must be up to date according to the French vaccine calendar. Malaria is present in the country; it is strongly advised to protect himself.

To emigrate in Madagascar: Boat or Plane?

To move in Madagascar, you will have the choice between the air cargo or sea freight. Count approximately 6 to 8 weeks for the boat and about ten days for the plane (loading and customs clearance included). By boat, you will have the choice between a complete container or the grouping.

  • The complete container offers you flexibility and speed. Your mover deposits the container at your home, you fill it and he charges it on the boat.
    The grouping is less expensive because several individuals share and fill the same container.Customs formalities to move in Madagascar.

We advise you to call upon a professional who will undertake all the approaches for you. Among the documents to be filled, envisage a detailed, figured and signed inventory.

To move in Madagascar: Which possessions to take?

Before your emigration in Madagascar, we advise you to make the list of the essential possessions that you wish to bring. As each moved object represents a transport cost, profit to sort it out. It is often preferable to resell certain possessions in France and to buy others in Madagascar.

Clothes: Take light clothes, the dry season begins in March and finishes in November.

The furniture: The best solution is to buy them on the spot because they will be adapted to the climate and you will not be likely to see yours degrading

Television, the computer material and the household appliances: The electric standard is generally of 220 volts. Invest before leaving and take your equipment because this kind of purchase is expensive on the spot and you will have perhaps less choice. For television, the standard in Madagascar is TNT HD and the Mpeg-4 instead of the Mpeg-2 in Metropolis. It is necessary thus to check the compatibility of your television set if you wish to carry it with you.

The car: If you choose to carry your car, it has to be with your name for one year minimum. The simplest is to buy one in Madagascar, to simplify your approachs.

The driving in Madagascar.

Within the framework of a fixed residence, you must request the exchange of the French driving licence against a Malagasy licence. This procedure takes place near the ministry of the interior.

The security in Madagascar.
The situation in Madagascar is very variable. It is recommended to be very vigilant and in particular on the places attended by the tourists. During your displacements on foot, try to bring the least possible of value personal belongings .

Rules of good manners in Madagascar.

Malagasy people are in general reserved and modest people. In order to avoid the misunderstandings, remain discrete and respectful, avoid the use of the familiar‘tu’, except if close ties have already bonded. If you wish to photograph a person, ask him before. Finally, the Malagasy people will always appreciate that you learn some words from their language.
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Madagascar New expatriate information. Real Estate Madagascar. Madagascar New expatriate information.

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