Madagascar Mixed marriage

Madagascar Mixed marriage

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Madagascar Mixed marriage

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Madagascar Mixed marriage. Because of difference in culture and singularities of the administrative approaches in the countries of origin of the bride and groom, it is necessary to get informed about the steps to be followed before launching into a mixed marriage. After the publication of the banns – in average ten days – and the obtainment of a capacity for marriage certificate, the civil wedding can be celebrated in the town hall where the engaged couples reside. After the delivery of the act, it is recommended to transcribe the document delivered by the town hall. It is only when the transcription of the act of marriage is validated by the administrative authorities of the country of origin of the foreign husband that the Malagasy spouse will be able to carry out a visa application as family entry and settlement. Regarding the spouse of foreign nationality, the Malagasy resident’s card is delivered only after two years of common life.
On the big Island, the mixed marriage tends to becoming increasingly current. Before taking the plunge, it is however necessary to take some care in order to ensure the success of the union. In addition to the transcription of the act of marriage, verifying the believed is also an essential approach.

The Capacity for Marriage Certificate

The Vocational Marriage Certificate and one of the showpieces of the file to be established for the celebration of a mixed marriage. The request for this certificate is effectuated near the Consulate of the country of origin of the foreign national.
An examination of the two engaged couples is realized by the consular agent at the time of the deposit file. If the foreign spouse is of French nationality, the delivery of the certificate is made two to four months after the request.
To note that the consular agent studies the request only if all the necessary administrative documents are incorporated into the file.

Other necessary administrative documents
A form comprising the personal information concerning them must be filled by each member of the couple. A premarital medical certificate had in view by the consular authorities and a document specifying the selected marriage system are to be integrated into the request. It should be noted that this certificate must have been in view by a notary.
For the engaged couple of foreign nationality, a copy of the birth certificate (going back to less than 3 months), a document in proof specifying the nationality of the person (national identity card or consular map) and a proof of residence are to be provided.
For the future spouse of Malagasy nationality, a copy of the birth certificate represented in the national language of the non-resident future spouse, a proof of residence, a certificate of celibacy and a photocopy of the Malagasy national identity card is to be included in the file.
According to the commune where the civil wedding will be celebrated, other documents can be necessary.

Procedures related to the mixed marriage
So that a mixed marriage can be celebrated in a Malagasy town hall, it is imperative that one of the members of the couple be resident. It should be noted that as for the French legislation, the couples presenting a difference of 40 years age are not authorized to marry.
The deposit of the project of marriage near the consulate of the foreign national is the first approach to be followed for the mixed couples wishing to marry in Madagascar. After the deposit of the project, the two persons concerned are convened by the consulate (together or individually) in order to proceed to an investigation of morality.
This precaution is taken by the consular authorities to detect a possible phony marriage. Certain couples resort indeed to this practice only to obtain the nationality of their spouse.
It is only after the audition led by the consulate that the procedures of development of the capacity for mariage certificate are set in motion. After the acquisition of this document, the two engaged couples publish their banns in the town hall attached at the place of residence of the Malagasy spouse and in the consulate of his country of origin for the foreign national. The publication of the banns lasts in average about ten days.
After the reception of a certificate of non-opposition coming from the  commune of origin of the future spouse non-resident, the Malagasy town hall can celebrate the civil wedding. At the conclusion of the ceremony, a family record book is delivered by the Mayor. So that the act of marriage is validated by the administrative authorities of the country of origin of the foreign national, it is imperative to transcribe it.

Transcription of the act of marriage and other precautions to be taken
The transcription of the act of marriage is a crucial approach. This procedure consists in transcribing the act of marriage delivered in Madagascar on the marriages registers of the of the non-resident spouse country of origin. To constitute the file, a form of request for transcription duly filled, a copy of the original act of marriage and an act of marriage translated in the native tongue of the husband or wife of foreign nationality are necessary.
An integral copy of the birth certificate of the two husbands, a copy of the passport of the foreign spouse, a certified photocopy of the marriage contract signed in front of a notary, the certificates of celibacy of the two spouses before the marriage and the copies of the birth certificates of the children of the non-resident spouse are also necessary.
It should be noted that before starting the administrative approaches of the civil wedding, it is primordial to make sure of the sincerity of the relation between the two concerned persons. Indeed, it is not rare that a Malagasy woman engages in a mixed marriage only by interest. Thus, it is within the competence of his Vazaha companion to lead a small investigation if necessary.
To avoid bad surprises, it is preferable for the engaged couple to inform himself near the entourage of his partner to make sure that this one does not hide to him the existence of a newborn of a previous relation. This practice is frequently met in certain areas of the Large Island. In most case, when the unmarried mothers seek to marry with Vazaha, they entrust their child to the grandparents or to a close relative.
In short, it is recommended to redouble vigilance and to check the sincerity of the relation before starting any approach related to the civil wedding. Once the union is sealed, the transcription of the act of marriage is a procedure not to neglect to facilitate the later administrative approaches in the country of origin of the non-resident husband.

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