Madagascar living environment

Madagascar living environment

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Madagascar living environment

Madagascar living environment

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General terms of security

You will find information, regularly updated, on the security conditions in Madagascar on the site “advices to the travellers” of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs: Section “advices to the travellers “.


Sociocultural activities in French

Cultural events and quality artistic performances (concerts, theatre, dance, film projections, exhibitions…) are held regularly at the Albert Camus cultural centre of Tananarive which also has a library and a video library.

avenue of Independency
BP 488 – Tananarive 101
Tel. (261 20) 22,236 47 – 213 75
Fax: (261 20) 22,213 38

The network of the Alliances françaises is present on the whole territory. The Alliance françaises propose many social and cultural activities and offer the access to their libraries and videoclubs.

Local sociocultural activities

There exists a national public television channel and several private channels. The quality of the programs is rather average, even poor, and the announced programs are not always respected.

None of the very rare local cinemas, which diffuse war movies and films of karate, presents a satisfactory comfort and security.

The video is widespread (there exists in particular a club in the Cultural centre Albert Camus).

A small room (ESCA) proposes plays in Malagasy.

The local radio is diffused in Malagasy language with some French information.

The capital proposes concerts of Malagasy music and jazz concerts of quality.


The natural heritage of Madagascar in fact an ideal candidate to the eco-tourism not very developed. In addition to the national parks, there exists on all the territory more than twenty special reserves accessible with an entrance fee. (Detailed information is consultable on the following site:

Many sites of cultural interest or favourable to the leisures are also offered to the visitor.

In Tananarive, we must quote the Palace of the Queen, the crowned hills, the Itasy lake, the Mantasoa Lake, the table of orientation of Ambohipotsy, Rova, the palace of Andafiavaratra and the zoological gardens of Tsimbazaza. The neighbourhoods of the city are not in rest with Ambohimanga, the Palace of the Kings, the lake and the dam of Varahina.

In Tamatave, we can go to the old fort Hova of the Foulpointe area, famous for his beach without sharks, in the Sainte-Marie Island for the water activities, in the park of Ivoloina, in East-Fenerive, on the Plum islet, in Ambila-Lemaintso where the bathe is protected and at the beach of Mahambo.

In Diego-Suarez, the tourists will not fail to visit the Sacred lake of Anivorano, the caves of Ankaratra, the Nosy-Be Island, the surrounding beaches, the Amber mountain, forest and zoological reserve and the island of Nosy-Boraha.

More: site of the National office of Tourism of Madagascar site of the Tourism National Office of Madagascar

Public holidays

– January 1st: New Year’s Day
– March 8th (non-work half-day for the women): world day of the woman
– March 29th: commemorative day of March 29th, 1947 (festival of the insurrection)
– Easter Monday
– May 1st: Labour Day
– Ascension Day
– Whit Monday
– May 25th: the Organization of African Unity Day
– June 26th: Malagasy national holiday
– August 15th: Assumption
– November 1st: All Saints’ day
– December 25th: Christmas



  • Various sports, as well collective as individual, can be practised in the existing clubs: Rugby, football, tennis, golf, horse riding, swimming… The coasts give opportunities of water sports (sail, windsurfing, scuba diving and big-game fishing).
  • To get equipment on the spot is at the same time difficult and expensive; it is thus preferable to be some provided before the departure.


To hold a shotgun, it is necessary to obtain an authorization of purchase, of introduction and of the first detention as well as a gun licence. To hunt requires a licence whose request is carried out near the President of the Executive committee of the “Faritany” (province). The period of hunting is between first Sunday of May and first Sunday of October.

The fishing season is authorized all the year without licence.

Madagascar living environment. Real Estate Madagascar.

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