Renting car in Madagascar

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Renting car in Madagascar.

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The ways of renting car in Madagascar is not widespread and it is for this reason that Madagascar Custom has chosen to offer you this service.
In Madagascar, several types of vehicles are available for rent:
– Renault Logan Sedan (Gasoline – Cat.A)
– Renault Duster 4 × 2 (Petrol – Cat C)
– Renault Duster 4 × 4 (Diesel – Cat C)
– Nissan Patrol SW 4 × 4 (Diesel – Cat.N)

These rental cars are air conditioned and equipped with a CD radio and a tracker.

Some conditions apply however for the rental of your car in Madagascar:


You must be at least 25 years of age and in possession of a European license or an international license. The car can only be driven by the main driver or a second person whose name has been transferred to the rental car.

Deposit at the delivery of the vehicle:

A deposit of 1000 € must be paid at the delivery of the vehicle. A photocopy of your driver’s license must also be provided at the delivery of the rented vehicle.

Car rental insurance in Madagascar:

The rented vehicles are insured to the third party in accordance with the Malagasy law. In the event of an accident, you are responsible for all damages that may be caused to your rental vehicle.

The insurance does not cover the following damages:
– By negligence, drunk driving, as part of a race
– Crossing a river, a torrent or water
– Driving on an unspecified runway in the initial program
– Tires and rocker
– To the engine following the immersion of this one (crossing of fords)
– By a collision with an animal

Itinerary in Madagascar:

Your itinerary is provided in advance and you are informed in advance of the state of the road or the track to be taken and the most suitable type of vehicle. You are required to respect the daily stages and itineraries provided for your road book, insofar as the path taken does not jeopardize the safety of the passenger (s) and the vehicle. Any modification on the duration of the hiring or the agreed ways must be validated by your Advisor to Madagascar Custom.

The rental car is equipped with a tracker to ensure your safety by following the different movements (speed, road, …).
The car should not drive at night. For your safety, we do not recommend traveling in the provinces after 19h.


Malagasy law requires that children be installed in the back of the vehicle. Wearing a seatbelt is also mandatory.

Vehicle use:

The delivery of your rental car in Madagascar is made in the premises set by the renter in agreement with you. The delivery of your rental car gives rise to a check of the general condition of the vehicle (inside and outside). The renter provides the vehicle with his papers (gray card or WWT card, insurance certificate, carrier sticker, maintenance card and purple card, friendly report). Taking charge of your vehicle means that you recognize the conformity of the vehicle in the condition it is delivered.

You agree to keep the rented vehicle in good condition and in good presentation (inside and outside), to immediately inform the renter of any incident impeding the proper operation of the vehicle. During your trip, you will also need to ensure that oil, brake fluid and fluid levels are maintained in the cooling system.

Your expenses:

– Breakdown charges or intervention following a fuel failure
– Repair costs of tires being rented (puncture, bursting)
– Parking fees, washes and everything related to normal maintenance of the bodywork
– Cleaning of upholstery and upholstery repairs resulting from accidental deteriorations such as tears, burns, indelible stains

Unloaded empty or empty return:

The car is delivered to Antananarivo. If you intend to release in the province, an additional fees will be charged for the empty return of the vehicle to its starting point (mobilization driver, car rental in Madagascar and fuel corresponding to the return to Antananarivo).
It’s the same if you want to pick up your rental car in the province.

Fuel :

The fuel remains entirely your responsibility. The car is delivered full tank to Antananarivo at the beginning of hiring and must be given under the same conditions at the end of the contract.


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