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Madagascar French Consulate

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Madagascar French Consulate

The French Consulate in Madagascar

Madagascar French Consulate. Real Estate Madagascar.

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In the event of incident. What a consulate of France can do:
If you are resident in a foreign country: think of making you record, from your installation, near your consulate (“consular Registration” rubric).
In case of loss or theft of document the consulate will be able to procure you certificates in case of loss or of theft of documents, passport, national ID card or driving licence on presentation of a statement made beforehand near the local authorities of police.

It will also be able:
after checking, to deliver you a pass to allow your only return in France
after consultation of the transmitting authority (prefecture or consulate having established your passport) to deliver you a new passport.
In case of financial problems, the consulate will be able to indicate you the most effective means you so that close relations can forward you quickly the amount of money which you need.
In case of arrest or of imprisonment, you can ask that the consulate be informed. The Consul will be able to inform the local authorities that you are under the consular protection of France and to inquire reason for your arrest. If you agree, he will warn your family and will request the necessary authorizations to be able to visit to you. He will make sure thus of the conditions of detention and of the local laws’ respect. To help you judicially, the consul will propose you the choice of a lawyer who will be able to defend you (you will have to remunerate the services of this lawyer). In case of disease, the consulate will be able to put you in relation with a physician authorized by his services and will keep at your disposal, as far as possible, a list of specialized doctors. In all the cases, the fees remain payable by you. In case of serious accident, the consulate will be able to warn your family and to plan with it the measures to be taken: hospitalization or repatriation (the committed expenses remaining payable by you, it is highly advised to subscribe a repatriation insurance). In case of death, the consulate gets in touch with the family to warn and advise it in the legal formalities of repatriation or the mortal remains or its ashes’burial. The expenses are assumed either by the family, or by the organization of insurance of the deceased. In case of various difficulties with the local authorities or the individuals, the consulate will be able to advise you, to provide you useful addresses (local governments, lawyers, interpreters, etc).
What a consulate of France cannot do:
To repatriate at the expenses of the State, except in the case of an exceptional gravity and subject to a later refunding.
To regulate a fine, your hotel bill, hospital or any other expenditure engaged by you.
To advance you money without the preliminary installation of a warranty.
To deliver you a passport in the minute.
To intervene in the course of justice to obtain your release if you are implied in a legal affair or accused of an offence made on the territory of a host country.
To replace the travel agencies, the banking system or the insurance companies.
To ensure your consular protection officially if you have also the nationality of the country in which you travel.


In case of loss or steal of money, the Consulate General cannot carry out a repatriation at the expenses of the State. It cannot regulate an hotel bill, nor to advance any amount. The Consulate General will assist you to contact your bank or your close relations in order to organize a funds’ transfer.
In case of loss or of steal of your credit card, made opposition immediately near your bank.
In case of loss or of steal of your passport, make a declaration near the local police, then immediately contact the Consulate General, or the nearest detached Chancellery.


The following provisions were installed in France as regards help for victims of aggressions or attacks. They can also apply to the French nationals abroad:
In all the cases of aggression abroad, the victim, his lawyer or his assigns (in case of death of the victim), can formulate a claim for compensation to the Crime victims receive compensation :
• for the residents abroad, with the Court of Bankruptcy of Paris (4 Metro boulevard– 75001 Paris),   • and, for the residents in France to the court of their residence’s place.
In case of attack, the victim, or his assigns, can transmit a compensation request to the guarantee funds of the victims of terrorist acts and other infringements (FGTI: 64, road of France 94682 Vincennes cédex – telephone: 01 43 98 77 00).
Whatever the nature of the aggression, the victim or his assigns can enquire at the national institute of help for victims and mediation (INAVEM: 1, road of meadow Saint Gervais – 93691 cedex Puppet – telephone: 01 41 83 42 00). A number azure (0.810.09.86.09) was also launched by the INAVEM, the objective being to reinforce the information of the victims on their rights, to give them a psychological and legal support to help them to prepare their file.)


During displacements on the Malagasy roads, it is highly advised to circulate with prudence and to use its seat belt.
The Consulate General, in theory, is warned by the local authorities about any serious accident to a French. As soon as it has sufficient information on the identity and the relationship of the victim (by the register of the French established out of France, if the person is resident and carried out the formalities of registration), the consulate General informs the family. If this one is in France, it is informed via the Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs.
The measures to be taken are considered, hospitalization or repatriation, whose expenses remain with the load of the victim or the family. We highly recommend all our compatriots to subscribe an assistance and repatriation contract of insurance. As far as possible, the consulate will get the police reports and, if necessary, the reports medical.


The Consulate General can put you in relation to the doctor of the medico-social Center which will hold at your disposal a list of specialized doctors, if necessary.
It is advisable, in Madagascar, to observe all the measures of hygiene and medical preventive to the endemic diseases, taking into account the sanitary situation. It is reminded that the Consulate General cannot execute a repatriation paid for by the State, except in cases of an exceptional gravity and subject to a subsequent repayments. The Consulate General will warn the family in France in order to plan the measures to be taken. Medical repatriations: The regulation of the international civil aviation (ICAO) does not authorize transport, on the commercial lines, of people with contagious diseases. It is consequently impossible to organize, in case of flu complication or of another contagious disease, a medical evacuation by the airliner. Only the recourse to special flights, whose cost can exceed 10,000 Euros could be under consideration in this case.
The subscription of a repatriation insurance is thus more than ever recommended.
>> Consult our rubric Your health in Madagascar


Information: when the Consulate General is informed of a French national’s death, he immediately gets in touch with the family of the deceased. If this one is in France, it will be prevented via the Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs.
Repatriation of body: At the request of the family of the deceased, the Consulate General carries out, in collaboration with the local agencies of mortician’s, the legal formalities of repatriation of body on the French territory. The expenses related to a repatriation of body cannot be assumed by the State, but must be supported with by the family of the deceased, or if necessary, by company of life insurance/repatriation.
Personal effects: The State cannot finance the repatriation of the personal effects of the deceased. Nevertheless, the conveyance by diplomatic bag of personal documents, identity documents and valuable articles of low volume and nonweighty of the deceased can be under consideration in certain cases.


Various difficulties met with by compatriots led the Consulate General to draw up the present note of information which specifies the framework in which the protection of the French nationals in the event of arrest and imprisonment is exerted.
The limits of consular protection are fixed initially by the rules of the international law, which determines the conditions of exercise of the consular activity in a sovereign country, and in second place by the concept of individual and familial responsibility of any French citizen, for which the State cannot be substituted.
Residing in or visiting Madagascar, the French nationals are subjected to the legislation of the host country, whose application extends to all persons or institutions installed or circulating on the territory.
It is up to each one to obey the Malagasy law and habits and to be not engaged in activities which could shock our hosts.

The Consulate General intervenes with the authorities of the country in case of arrest or imprisonment in accordance with article 36 of the Convention of Vienna on the consular relations. A French national has the right to ask the local authorities to be able to communicate with the Consulate General. This one will intervene with them to attest that the interested party is under consular protection and to inquire, initially, the reason for the arrest. The Consulate General will also make sure of the detention conditions, the security of the prisoner and the respect of the local laws.
visits: at the request of the prisoner, the Consulate General will request the necessary authorizations so that his agents, as well as the family members, are authorized to visit in prison.
Legal aid: the Consulate General can propose its advices in the choice of a lawyer whose services will have to be remunerated by the client (see below)
audience: The Consulate General can possibly be represented in court.
The rights aimed to above mentioned article 36 relating to consular protection must of course be exerted in the strict respect of the laws and Malagasy regulations. The Consulate General cannot be involved in the course of justice and will not take in no case a stand on the substance of the matter.

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