Madagascar Foreign pensioners move

Madagascar Foreign pensioners move

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Madagascar Foreign pensioners move

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Following the example of the investors, the foreign pensioners profit from a lightening of the procedures of long-stay visa application in Madagascar. The conversion of the non-immigrant visa into immigrant visa can be done on the spot. The various administrative parts necessary for the development of the file are to be withdrawn at the office of the EDBM in Antaninarenina and to deposit to the Ministry of the Interior in Anosy. The deposit of file is carried out by the applicant.

For the foreign nationals, the Large Island is an ideal destination to spend the retirement. To facilitate the installation of the pensioners on the Malagasy territory, the counter of the EDBM takes care of the acceleration of residence permit’s request process.

Required documents

The certificate of retirement is one of the principal documents to be integrated into the file. A certificate of change of residence delivered by the town hall of the country of origin is also necessary.

A document in proof testifying to the opening of an account in Madagascar is necessary. It is on this account that the transfer of the retirement will be carried out by the Pension fund or a banking institution of the country of origin.

As for the classical visa applications, a reasoned request, a photocopy of a valid passport during the six months following the request, an extract of criminal record of less than three months, a certificate of residence, a receipt testifying the regulation of the right of visa application and a photocopy of the return ticket are to be included in the request file.
It should be noted that the bulletin number 3 must be delivered by the French legal institutions. For a valid visa for 3 months to 3 years, the rate of the visa long stay rises to 105 euros. For a valid visa during 3 to 5 years, it is to 140 euros.

Simplified formalities

For the pensioners, the reforms applied since 2008 made it possible to facilitate the approachs of request for residence permit. If the entry on the Malagasy territory is done by the means of a visa tourism, this kind of visa can be converted into immigrant visa on the spot.

Initially, a transformable visa application is to be deposited tothe Embassy of Madagascar. It is about a valid visa for one month, period during which the applicant will take the necessary steps to obtain a visa long stay.

A single Window – Economic Development Board of Madagascar (EDBM) – was set up in order to accelerate the formalities necessary for obtaining the immigrant visa and the resident’s card.

To inquire required documents for the constitution of the request file of visa, the interested party must go to the office of the EDBM in Antaninarenina. After their legalization or their certification, the documents are to be deposited at the Ministry of the Interior located at Anosy.

Advantages of retiring out in Madagascar
For a foreign pensioner, Madagascar is presented as a destination of choice for its climate softness, for the cost of living relatively low and for the many leisures and discoveries opportunities which it offers.

The climate of the Big Island is of tropical type and is particularly supported by the people of the over-sixties. Even in the coastal towns, the temperatures are bearable in the morning and at the end of the evening.

Financially, Madagascar is appreciated for the accessibility of the price of food and the staple commodity. The incomes of foreign pensioner make it possible to live easily on the Malagasy ground.
Side leisures and discovered, the Large Island is appreciated for its biodiversity. D E many excursions or guided tours are organized to leave to the meeting its natural wealths.

Concerning leisures and discoveries, the Big Island is appreciated for its biodiversity. Many excursions or guided tours are organized to go and meet its natural wealths.

Madagascar Foreign pensioners move. Real Estate Madagascar.

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