Madagascar enterprise company creation

Madagascar enterprise company creation.

By Property-Madagascar.

Madagascar enterprise company creation.

Madagascar enterprise or company creation.

By Real Estate Agency Madagascar.

Madagascar enterprise company creation. From the legal point of view, the companies set up on the Malagasy territory are classified in three distinct categories: Limited Liability Companies (LLC), Limited companies (LTD) and EURL (One-person limited company). These various forms of company are controlled by the law and are registered with the mode of the trade. The employed staff numbers and the amount of the mobilized capital count among the criteria of classification of a company.

According to their statute, the companies arranged in Madagascar can be founded by one or more people. The funds dedicated to the operation of a structural set up can belong to a person of Malagasy nationality or to a foreign national. Association between the nationals and the foreigners is also possible. To help the foreigners in the various approaches relating to the creation of company on the big Island, the counter of the EDBM GUIDE was arranged.

The legal forms of company

The Limited Liability Companies, more known under the acronym LLC, are companies whose staff number lies between 2 and 100 people. The minimum contribution necessary for the creation of this kind of company is of 100,000 ariary.

LTD or Limited companies are structures whose minimum staff numbers are of 5 people. To set up this kind of company, a minimum capital of 1,000,000 ariary is essential.

Alternative of LLC, the EURL is a company whose staff numbers are limited to a person.

Procedures to be followed

Since the commissioning of EDBM GUIDES counter, the procedures of creation of a company belonging to a foreign national are done under 3 days in maximum.

Once the head office and the statute were defined, the person in charge of the company is held to record and legalize the statutes near the town hall on which the head office of the company depends. The declaration of opening near the Office of the Companies and the publication in a national daily newspaper are followed from there.
After the recording and the tax declaration near the Office of the Companies, the regulation of the professional tax is carried out at the tax collection office. The registration in the trade register led to obtaining a statistical card and a TIN (tax identification number).

After these various approaches, the direct Taxes office delivers the business card. It is then necessary to publish the opening of the company in the Official journal before opening the bank account of the company.

Documents required

The statute of the company is the principal document required. Each one of pages of the document must be initialed by the creator of the company.

A copy of the passport and a certificate of residence of the manager(s) are also to include at the file. To note that the applicant is held to have a convertible visa before starting any approach of creation of company in Madagascar.

A declaration of non-judgement and a certificate of filiations of the manager are also necessary to the constitution of the file.

A contract of domiciliation or a contract of lease aimed by the president of Fokontany associated with a copy of the land title of the premises is also necessary.

Various documents concerning the company such as the declaration of existence, the declaration of registration, the card of tax identification, the card of investment of the capital and the declaration of opening of branch are also to include at the file.

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