Madagascar Diego Majunga Relocation

Madagascar Diego Majunga Relocation.

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Madagascar Diego Majunga Relocation.

Relocation in Madagascar Antsiranana Diego-Suarez, Mahajanga.

The moving from France to Madagascar.

The formality of permanent relocation to the Consular Service is addressed to the people having lived in France in a regular way and who wish to return definitively or to settle in Madagascar.
It is the first step of a request for exemption from customs duties on the personal effects, exemption that only the Finance Minister in Madagascar has the power to grant.
By the means of this formality, the applicant swears on the honor to have lived in France for a certain period, to carry with him only his own possessions and not to intend them for the sale.
Any Malagasy national must thus justify of his identity, of his Malagasy nationality, of a date of arrival in France, of his regular residence as well as regular acquisition, for a personal use, of his effects.
The Consular Service can constantly require, besides the documents required, the photocopy of the invoices of the household appliances, hi-fi or computer listed in the request.
Only the private cars can profit from the request for franchises: The applicant must be in possession of his car since 1 minimum year, the automobile license as evidence.
The franchise relates to only cars bought in France and is granted only 1 car by spouse (legitimately married according to the Malagasy right).
The Formality of permanent relocation must be effectuated 2 to 3 weeks before the departure date. The applicant is advised to go directly to the Consular Service and to avoid the requests by mail, additional information could be constantly asked to him.
The Certificate of permanent relocation is valid three months from the arrival date in the new residence in Madagascar.
For the Malagasy nationals, the consular ID card is a proof near the Malagasy authorities of your residence in France for a certain period.
It is thus strongly advised to all the nationals intending to return to live in Madagascar in the not too distant future, to make the request of a Consular ID Card near the Consular Service, and to renew it when it expires.
List of the documents needed:
* Consular Card to return.
* a request addressed to Mr Director of the Legislation, the Regulation and the customs studies.
Head office of the Customs in Antananarivo – Madagascar. Only competent jurisdiction to issue the decision of franchise.
* 1 photocopy of the Identity and Delivery of the malagasy passport pages.

* 1 photocopy of the current residence title as well as all documents justifying the stay since the date of arrival in France.
* 1 photocopy of the plane ticket.
* 1 Certificate of Change of residence delivered by the Town hall.
* 1 photocopy of the Automobile license delivered since one year minimum.
* Form and complete listing of the personal effects to print and complete!
* To envisage photocopies of the invoices of the household appliances, hi-fi or computer).
* Fee of 5€.
NB: To present the originals of all the documents.
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Madagascar Diego Majunga Relocation. Real Estate Madagascar.

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