Madagascar cars

Madagascar cars

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Madagascar cars

Madagascar cars

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If there do not exist local standards relating to the entry and the resale of a vehicle, the state operates a regular control.

Importation of vehicles of occasion

The importation of private cars of occasion of the categories B, C, D and E (except by the diplomats) is subjected to the Identification Control of Imported Vehicles of Occasion or CIVIO (Note 306-MEFB/Sg/DGD of the 6/21/2006).

Procedure to be followed:

The deposit of a check application must be carried out near the office of the GasyNet company provided with the following documents:

– Fact sheet to the importation (2 copies)
– Original automobile license;
– Bill of lading or ETA;
– Copy of the removal certificate or the franchise permission;
– National identity card, passport, resident’s card or NIF and statistical map.

The withdrawal of the Inspection report Admissibility is done in the 3 days after physical identification of the vehicle.

Complementary precise details concerning the motorcycles and machines

Only the private cars of the types B, C, D and E are subjected to control CIVIO. Consequently, the various motorcycles and machines are excluded from it. After validation of the BSC (Cargo tracking note), the customs clearing of these goods is subjected as a preliminary to a request for value to lodge with Division Value and Selectivity (Building of the company GasyNet, Galaxy Housing Andraharo, Antananarivo) with regard to the “machines of occasion” and the “motorcycles” imported in commercial quantity.
The documents to be produced near Division Value and Selectivity for purposes of determination of the value of the machines of occasion or motorcycles are the following ones:

-Original automobile license;
– Original invoice;
– Technical note or certificate of the manufacturer highlighting the year of first commissioning of the machine;
– Bill of lading;
– BSC (Cargo tracking note).

After notification of the value by Division Value and Selectivity to the importer and the office of customs clearance, the customs declaration must be established by a forwarding agent approved in customs.

Source: site of the malagasy customs

Driving licence

The French or international driving licence is recognized. There exists a reciprocal practice of exchange of the licences between France and Madagascar. However, it is preferable, in particular for the guard of the vehicle, to use the services of a driver.

Highway code

The driving is made on the right. The priority is in theory on the right, but de facto it is usual. The rules of the Highway code are identical to those of France.

Downtown, speed is limited to 60 km/h, when the state of the streets allows it.

The wearing the seat belt in the vehicles and that of the helmet for the motorcylcists are obligatory. Road traumatology in Madagascar is at the origin of the highest mortality rate.

Insurances and taxes

The third-party insurance is obligatory. It is however possible to subscribe a comprehensive insurance, with very high rates. On the other hand, it is not possible to contract near a foreign company.

For example, annual bonus amount for a vehicle 4×4 of the Toyota type:
– third party insurance: 350€ (including civil responsibility, fire, flight and broken windows) – (the nonunlimited third party insurance does not exist in Madagascar).

– comprehensive insurance: 1550€ (reduction of 50% with a no-claims bonus certification of the previous insurer).

Many brands are represented on the spot: Peugeot, Renault, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Nissan, Audi, Mercedes, Land Rover, Mazda, Dacia.
An ordinary Sedan is sufficient for the capital and the main towns; on the rest of the road network, a 4×4 vehicle with high axles is advised because of the bad condition of the roads. It is recommended to equip the vehicles with an air conditioning system.


For example, the cost of hiring a Renault Clio with driver (insurance included and unlimited mileage, price of the fuel not included) is estimated at 1300€ per month; the cost of hiring for a vehicle 4×4 Nissan with driver (except fuel) is included between 80 and 100€ per day.

Spare parts

The maintenance costs of a vehicle are lower than the French prices with regard to labor with an average quality of service; the price of the spare parts is on the other hand very high. Those are not immediately available (3 weeks deadline for the French cars, 45 days for the foreign vehicles).


Super 95 (the Liter)33701,20
Diesel (the Liter)27300,95

Data March 2013

The rainy season (from December to April) can involve specific interruptions of supply while carburizing.

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