madagascar accommodation

madagascar accommodation.

By Property-Madagascar.

madagascar accommodation.

madagascar accommodation.

By Diana and Mahajanga real estate agencies.

Conditions of rent!


The rental market is closer; several weeks of research can be necessary to find an housing corresponding to his wishes. Generally, this housing will be not furnished. The cost of a rent can vary considerably from one district to another, even from one owner to another.

There is no key money payment and we do not need recovering. An inventory of fixtures must be carried out.

The duration of a lease is of two or three years. The regulation of the rent is made monthly or quarterly. In the case of a rent by agency, the amount of the commission generally corresponds to a month of rent.

To prevent the burgling of the residence, increasingly frequent, it is advised not to reside in an isolated villa, to take care that doors and windows are equipped with guard, to possibly envisage a warning system and to make sure a service of guarding.

Average amount of the rents regulated by the expatriated community:

from 400 to 1500€ for an apartment; from 1000 to 2500€ for a villa.

The heating in winter is necessary. Water and electricity are the responsibility of the tenant. The loads represent a monthly average of 350€ for a couple with two children.


The residential districts are BTM estate, SCAMA district, road of Ramena, the downtown area. . Diana real estate agency. The duration of the leases, variable, is generally of a renewable year by tacit reconduction.

Except the class neighborhood (Tanambao, Grand-Pavois,…), the average monthly rents are between an active range of 300€ for a small house to more than 1000€ for a villa of standing. The amount of the rent is established initially according to the surface and the comfort and only then the localization, with a premium for the houses located in the historic center or in seaside. The loads are not integrated into the rent.


The residential districts are located on the sea front, north of the city (Salazamay, Tahiti kely). The local market is restricted but sufficient for the request. The lease, rare, is negotiable. The rent is paid in advance, quarterly.

The cost of the rent, for a villa located in a residential district, oscillates from 500 to 1000€. The amount of the monthly loads, for a villa of three or four rooms, is evaluated to 100€ for electricity and 25€ for water.

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