Land sale Emerald Sea Diego-Suarez

Diego-Suarez Diego-Suarez


Land sale Emerald Sea Diego-Suarez.

Land sale Emerald sea Diego-Suarez. Ideal for construction of hotels, residence or camping. Titled and bounded land. Total area of plot is 80 000m² = 861112 ft2. Sale price 1.5 euros/ m2. Beach façade 210 m = 689 ft. Sub-division of plot possible 6 000 m= 64 583 ft²; sale price 5 euros/m2, beach façade 65 m = 213 ft. Sub-division of plot possible 9000 m= 96 875 ft² sale price 4 euros/m2, beach facade 70 m = 229 ft.

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Land sale Emerald Sea Diego-Suarez.

Smaragdgrünes Meer verkauft. Ideal Hotel Bau, Lager Wohnsitz  … Betitelt Land begrenzt. Das gesamte Grundstück ist 8 Hektar oder 80 000 m² = 861.112 ft². Verkaufspreis Euro 1,5 m² Beach Front 210 m.

Möglichkeit mit einem Grundstück von 6 000 m² = 64 583 ft². Prix Umsatz um 5 Euro / m² ,am Bor Strand ist 65 m.

Möglichkeit mit einem Grundstück von 9 000 m² = 96.875 ft² .Preise Umsatz bei 4 Euro / m² ,am Bor der Strand  ist 70 m.

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Land sale Emerald Sea Diego-Suarez.

Mer d’ Émeraude Vente terrain. Idéal construction  hôtel, campement  résidence etc…Terrain titré-borné. La totalité de la parcelle de 8 hectares  Prix de vente   1.5  Euros m² Façade plage 210 mts.

Possibilité de morcèlement avec une parcelle de  6 000 m² Prix de vente  5 Euros /m² Façade plage 65 mts.

Possibilité de morcèlement avec une parcelle de  9 000 m² Prix de vente  à 4 Euros /m²  Façade plage 70 mts.

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Land sale Emerald Sea Diego-Suarez.

Море Изумруда Продажа местность. Море Изумруда Продажа местность. Идеал строительство отель, расположение лагерем местопребывание и т.д. …Озаглавленная местность – ограниченная. Совокупность участка 8 гектаров Цена от продажи 1.5 Евро m ²  Фасад пляж 210 mts Возможность раздробленности с участком 6 000 m ² Цена от продажи 5 Евро / m ²  Фасад пляж 65 mts Возможность раздробленности с участком 9 000 m ² Цена от продажи по 4 Евро / m ²  Фасад пляж 70 mts. Если просить сведения по поводу этого товара, вы можете нам написать используя бланк контакта, который на правой стороне цены этого объявления (желтая этикетка) в Контакте.

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Land sale Emerald Sea Diego-Suarez.

The Emerald Sea is a spot that never ceases to attract the kitesurfers in the  world who  search of place as wild as paradisiac to practice their favorite sports activity. Charlotte Consorti, triple world champion of kitespeed, decided to make the framework of her promotion.

The three-time world champion of kitespeed in Diego Suarez.

Charlotte Consorti, triple world champion of kitespeed (speed trials in kitesurf), is in Diego Suarez to turn his next production inscribed in the contest “kitesurf paradise”.

This contest involves shooting a video of kitestyle figures in kitesurfing spots around the world.

The best of the productions entered in the competition will be awarded.

For her next participation in the “kitesurf paradise”, Charlotte Consorti and her team chose the spot of the Emerald Sea.

According to the triple champion,

we were attracted by the wild features of the place in question. Also, we heard a lot of positive feedback about Babaomby Island Lodge where we are staying, as well as about the Emerald Sea. For our productions in kitesurf paradise we always choose places not very frequented and little known by most kitesurfers. This is an opportunity to discover new places. As far as I am concerned, I was very pleased with our choice of the Emerald Sea. As much as the color of the water, the speed of the wind are favorable to us, not to mention the paradisiacal features of the place “.

Charlotte Consorti, is the fastest windsurfing woman in the world. Its record set in 2010 in Namibia is 50.43 knots (93 km / hour) over 500 meters. She also has three world titles on her list. She was the world champion of kitespeed in 2007, 2009 and 2012. She started her career in the summer of 1999 at the age of 21 years during an internship at Fil d’Air. It was there that she discovered that she preferred kitesurfing to windsurfing, the sport she practiced until then. For her, kitesurfing offers a wider range of possibilities at sea, namely surfing, if there are waves, or then the freestyle which consists of making high jumps if the water is flat.

She decided to give up windsurfing for the last time and has devoted herself exclusively to kitesurfing until now.  To always be at the top of her form, she follows an indoor training three times a week in Montpellier which is the city where she currently lives. And when the water presents favorable conditions, it takes its equipment and continues its training in the open sea. Its next challenge, after the price of the best production of “kitesurf paradise”, is to beat its own record and thus always go Even further in its performance.

The Emerald Sea, an exceptional spot for world-class kitesurfing.

The Emerald Sea is thus called by the color of its waters. It is formed by a vast coral lagoon which borders the north of the entrance of the Pass of the Bay of Diego Suarez.  The exceptional characteristics of its landscapes, the richness of its seabed and the exceptional extent of its lagoon make it one of the most visited seaside resorts of northern Madagascar, for the discovery and practice of aquatic and nautical activities. It is not uncommon, thanks to the limpidity of its waters to see manta rays or marine turtles evolving freely in their natural environment. The coral reef forms one of the largest lagoons in Madagascar, and its windward orientation makes it an exceptional site for windsurfing and kitesurfing, especially during the Varatraza season, from April to October. With about 9,000 visitors a year, a number that is constantly increasing, it is one of the main centers of interest of the region. Most tourists staying for several days in Diego Suarez go to this site, causing a significant activity for the tour operators of the city and the fishermen of the Bay. For some years, this idyllic place has become an appointment  for kitesurfers around the world who want to discover new spots not yet overexploited.


Sale/RentFor sale
AddressEmerald Sea Diego-Suarez
Ref.Land sale Emerald Sea Diego-Suarez
State/ProvinceAntsiranana Province
distance: 98 Miles
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