Diego-Suarez Military cemetary

Diego-Suarez Military cemetary

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Diego-Suarez Military cemetary

Diego-Suarez Military cemetary

Military cemetary of Diego-Suarez

The military cemetery of Diego-Suarez in Madagascar shelters the tombs of 921 French, European and indigenous soldiers, buried between the end of the 19th century and the Sixties.

Historical informations

The French national necropolis of Diego-Suarez, in Madagascar, testifies to sixty-five years of common franco-malagasy history, between 1895, date of the colonization of the island and 1960, its independence’s. It is located at the limit of the city, in the center of the municipal cemetery, in edge of the Dupleix boulevard. It counts 921 burials of soldiers divided into three squares: French, European and native. These men died between the end of the 19th century and the Sixties.

149 burials were added to the enclosure of the autochtones, located by the civil cemetery. There exists in addition a vault where legionaries are buried. A war memorial “In the glorious memory of the children of Diego-Suarez died for France” accommodates the visitor at the entrance of military square. Another, in the shape of arch, recalls the combat of the release of the island during the Second World War.

In a radius of 35 km around Diego-Suarez, 1664 other tombs of soldiers were arranged in the cemeteries of the Diego Cape (1411 tombs), Anjianema (157), Joffreville (51) and Sakaramy (25). A project of regrouping the French burials of the area in only one site is under study.
The Consulate General of France in Diego-Suarez ensures the management and the maintenance of the site thanks to the annual budgetary equipment granted by the ministry for defense.



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