Diego-Suarez Historical town

Diego-Suarez Historical town

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Diego-Suarez Historical town

Diego-Suarez, town of History
The history of this city on glorious past starts at the 16th century when two Portuguese navigators, Diego Dias and Fernan Soares, decided to give their name to the bay. It is however in 1885 that French, under the command of the general Joffre, occupied the territory before passing under the British flag in 1942 to be to them then reassigned in 1946. The French Army was withdrawn definitively in 1976.

Diego-Suarez is a city full of charms which does not leave indifferent. It is composed of a colonial old city located near its port and of a new city extending more towards the South. Very cosmopolitan, the population of Diego-Suarez is dominated by the Antakarana ethnos group come then the Comorians, the Indians, Antandroy, the Yemenis and Somali, then finally Merina and Europeans.

Located in the second larger bay of the world, Diego-Suarez has its sugarloaf islet such as in Rio de Janeiro, holding the first place. Area rich in discoveries but also in tourist activities, the city attracts many tourists and nature lovers vacationers.

A multiplicity of exceptional sites

With nearly 156 kms of coasts, Diego-Suarez is a destination which promises to be unforgettable! Immense bay opening on the Indian Ocean, the area offers a remarkable biodiversity. For nature lovers, with its landscapes for the majority remained intact, begin your visit to the Ramena beach (for 18 km). An easy seaside resort of access where an immense white sand beach invites you to the relaxation by an emerald sea. The occasion to start a beautiful excursion on the open sea here to go off to explore many islets and to make scuba diving there.

Further north of Ramena, the Orangea beach where you will be able to discover the vestiges of an old French military camp. You can also continue to the Mined Cape where home to breathtaking scenery expects you! To also discover at the time of your hikings, in quad or 4×4, the Three Bays (Bay of the Dunes, Bay of Sakalava, Bay of the Pigeons). Paradisiac sites but also an universally known spot for impassioned windsurf and of kitesurf which is the Bay of Sakalava.
For the novices of excursions, the Mountain of the French, located on the axis driving towards Ramena is a site of exception in particular for its large biodiversity: dry tropical flora, different species of lemurs, reptiles and endemic birds. On its top, vestiges of the colonial time which once were the theatre of many bloody conflicts between French and English. From these heights, you will be also able contemplate the vastness of the bay and of its littoral.

To also discover the Amber Cape (for 80 kms at the northern tip of Madagascar) with its headlight planted in an intact and virgin landscape. Possibility of devoting himself here to the scuba diving but attention to the tides and the reefs! The botanical park of Thousand Baobabs, the Bay of the Courrier, Ampasindava, the Village of Sapphires, reds Tsingy, the Windsor Castle, Nosy Hara are as many tourist sites to be visited in the neighbourhoods of Diego-Suarez!


Diego-Suarez Historical town.

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